About Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®–a new standard for next-generation operating systems.

Armed to support today's flexible, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 provides a rock-solid foundation for every deployment–including virtualization and cloud computing. By incorporating software technologies developed by Red Hat, its partners, and the open source community, the latest release boasts an extensive list of features–some new, some improved–including:

  • Scalability and performance
  • Efficiency and resource management
  • Consistency

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 includes hundreds of technical feature
enhancements and additions that offer customers a significant technology leap over marketplace alternatives. It offers:

  • A highly optimized application platform
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Industry-leading virtualization performance, flexibility and security for both
    host and guest environments.
  • Extensive support for features designed to minimize ecological impact and carbon footprint of IT systems.
  • A platform suitable for long-term, stable deployment while able to
    incorporate new technologies for physical, virtual and cloud deployments.
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